Chio Lunaire Magical Realism

Magical Realism began as a literary genre that went over conventional structures to destroy the barrier between objective and subjective reality. In this genre reality and fantasy live side by side, and even the most serious character isn’t shocked by a giant walking into the room.

Chio Lunaire Watermelon

One of the genre’s basic characteristics is the tearing down of what the reader perceives as real by adding an incredible situation or character in a realistic way. According to Maria Achitenei, Magical Realism toned down cultural differences to emphasize tolerance.

Chio Lunaire Boat

Love seen through Magical Realism questions what society holds as “true”. If modern love is tainted by materialistic, selfish, and superficial tendencies, then the only way of breaking with this reality is by selflessly surrendering to each other in an innocent way.

Chio Lunaire Bunny

Chio Lunaire is able to take elements of Magical Realism into photography by presenting a naked body beyond erotic imagery.

Chio Lunaire Sunbathing

Chio’s composition is simple and esthetic. She presents her models in natural and everyday environments. Her images show them in private, where people can behave freely and question what real is.  

Chio Lunaire Magical Beach

These pictures enlarge the spontaneity of the individuals and disproves of the trivial themes that inhabit contemporary commercial photography.

Chio Lunaire Couple

We’re used to seeing heavily made up people who have been made unnatural by modern contraptions. Here Chio has chosen to show them honestly. It makes it easier to work with the subjects of love and nudity if there is sincerity with the model, the environment, and the spectator.

Chio Lunaire Leaves

The couples that are captured by Chio Lunair are naïve and candid with each other. Their simplicity reminds us of a reality where the human spirit speaks truth through kisses and caresses. To witness a natural spontaneous love scene is a fantastic act that becomes more valuable to the old souls.

Chio Lunaire Garden

Chio Lunaire was born in Mexico. She trained as a photographer while working with literacy campaigns for indigenous communities in the outskirts of Mexico City. She then started traveling all over the world as a photojournalist, and is now based in Barcelona.

Chio Lunaire Plant

All these experiences have shaped her character as a photographer. Her most recent projects deal with the nature of Magical Realism and intuition. As stated on her website, she’s currently exploring female subjects such as identity, fashion, and sex.

Chio Lunaire Sex

Magical Realism was born in Latin America as a response to the issues its society faced. Pain seemed to be inevitable in the lives of the people, so the supernatural landscapes were a way to give hope to those who felt like prisoners to their geography and politics. Chio’s photography repackages that same idea and brings it into the private world.

Chio Lunaire Confetti

You can visit Chio Lunaire’s website to look at more of her pictures and find about her other projects.

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